Letterpress is one of the hottest trends in specialty printing. Letterpress is the original method of printing that dates back centuries and whilst the machines may be a similar design, their use has evolved. We now combine 21st century digital technology with the traditional form of printing to produce beautiful premium printed pieces. Our Master Printer hand mixes ink and debosses words and imagery onto premium paper and boards. The effect is stunning and is gaining popularity across many professions and industries.

Letterpress printing is a reproduction method that has had a strong renaissance over the past few years. Unlike digital and offset printing, it requires a different mind-set to understand how to get the best result using this method of printing. To put it simply, letterpress is the transfer of a raised inked image (such as type) via pressure. This gives a printed piece an image that’s embedded into letterpress friendly stocks. This is what letterpress is famous for.

Letterpress has its limitations that designers and end users need to be aware of before they get started on a print project. It needs to be carefully considered how the image will reproduce, its important to be mindful that letterpress won’t always reproduce the same as digital or offset printing.

Up until the 1970s the vast majority of printed matter had been reproduced using methods that had been perfected over the centuries on machinery that was built to last many decades. Unfortunately letterpress proved to be inefficient when faster and cheaper ways of printing took hold.

The recent comeback with letterpress is all about its look and feel. Letterpress has the ability to print on different stocks that offset and digital aren’t able to. There’s also the beauty of typography embedded into paper, almost like it’s engraved.

Stock choice and good graphic design can make a letterpress piece special in comparison to other print methods. Thoughtful graphics, classic typography and the use of white space will prove a graphic designers skill in letterpress reproduction.

There are a number of points to be aware of in designing and using letterpress successfully. We want to inform you as best we can of the unique capabilities of letterpress so you can get the most premium result.

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